A PAIR of SPANISH "THUNDER MUG"  Bronze Signal Cannons!
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Items Location: Manila, Philippines

Below see the photos & details of the Rare PAIR of SPANISH Thunder Mug Signal Cannons.
(Still in excellent condition and can be fired!
Pour gunpower into the bore hole. Insert the fuse (or pour some gunpowder near it). Light it.. and RUN like Hell!!)


Brief History About 'Thunder Mugs'

What is a thunder mug? They derive their name from their typical "Mug" shape. Many had handles, but not all. These have been used for centuries by black powder manufacturers for testing black powder formulas. Since their creation, they have been adapted to several other uses, to include signaling devices, firework launchers and smoke stack cleaners, just to name a few. Examples of early thunder mugs have been found in several countries.  They are made from cast iron or brass. Most have a small lip at the bottom base, just below the touch-hole. This is where a small amount of powder was placed so as to ignite the powder in the chamber.  Sizes vary, however typical mugs are from 5 to 12 inches tall.
(thanks to www.cannon-mania.com for the above 'Thunder Mug' info!)

Spanish 'Thunder Mugs' Bronze Signal Cannon details
Height = 6 1/4 inches (15.8 cm)
Bore Diameter = 1 inches (2.54 cm)
Muzzle/Top Diameter = 3 1/4 inches (8.3 cm)
Breech/Base Diameter = 5 1/8 inches (13 cm)
Total Cannon Weight = Approx. 15.43 lbs (7 kilograms)

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