HUGE 18th Century Portuguese Bronze Swivel Cannon!

This RARE and large 18th Century Portuguese Bronze Swivel Cannon was recovered from an undisclosed location in the southern Philippines and is now in for sale. A swivel cannon of this size is quite rare and this one is in EXCELLENT condition.

It measures: Overall Length = 81.5" [207 cm] with a Bore Size of 2.5" [6.35 cm] [see drawing below]. The weight is over 1,000 lbs [454+ kilograms].

The front of the muzzle has a raised sight. On the First Reinforcing there’s a raised leaf-like design. This type of design is similar to other 16th and 18th century bronze Portuguese swivel type cannons therefore we are assuming this cannon is of Portuguese origin also. Muzzle, reinforcings, dolphins and solid cascable [without any hole] also give clues to the Portuguese origin of this beautiful bronze cannon.

This huge Portuguese Swivel Cannon was most likely cast in Borneo (Brunei) or Portuguese Ambon sometime between mid 1500’s through 1700's. These cannons [usually much smaller in size] can still be occasionally be found in the more remote villages throughout the Indonesian and Malaysian archipelago.

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